We’ve reported the matter to the police and to date the people responsible have not come forward or been identified. We’ve also notified the Borough Council about the breach of Tree Preservation Orders and have called in specialists to advise on the safety of the trees whose roots have been exposed.

Our insurers inform us that we are not covered for injuries that might be sustained on the bike track and that since we have been made aware of its existence we are likely to be held liable should there be an accident. So in the next few weeks, contractors will be brought in to restore the area to as close to its original state as possible. This is not a claimable expense so the cost of this will regrettably have to be taken from funds intended for our charitable grants programme.

We are not against people of all ages enjoying our land and we are open to approaches from organisations or groups who have ideas which they are able to take responsibility for. We can be contacted by email on ffa.office1@gmail.com.