Residents of the Old Bisley Road and Fern Close have alerted us to work that’s been going on in the Fuel Allotments woodland nearby. Mechanical diggers and chain saws have been used to create a 100m BMX trail, cutting down trees and damaging mature tree roots in the process. This has been done without the consent or prior knowledge of the FFA trustees. All trees in the area are subject to Tree Preservation Orders. Those responsible are liable to prosecution on more than one count.

The Fuel Allotments land is held in trust to generate funds to help people in need, poverty and distress in the GU15 and 16 postcode areas. This income comes mainly from rent received from Pine Ridge Golf. The trustees are happy to allow reasonable public access to the surrounding woodland area for exercise and quiet enjoyment. This can include bike riding on established tracks but it doesn’t extend to the damage that has occurred, which may be considered to be unreasonable. It will cost a considerable sum to bring the area back to its former state – money that would otherwise be used in charitable grants.

It’s pretty obvious that this has been done by people living in the locality. We would like to hear from anyone with information that can help us identify those concerned. You can contact the FFA administrator on 07858 504640 or by email at