The Trustees of the Frimley Fuel Allotments have agreed to the sale of a strip of land bordering the Old Bisley Road and adjoining the Pine Ridge Golf Clubhouse to Crown Golf, owners of Pine Ridge Golf Club.  This agreement is conditional upon a successful planning application for housing by Persimmon Homes for development of the strip and an adjoining part of the golf course.  The Golf Club and Persimmon Homes have launched a public consultation before finalising a proposal for submission.

The Fuel Allotments are held in trust for the relief of need, hardship and distress to individuals’ resident in the former Urban District Council area of Frimley [now defined by post codes GU15 and GU16] and the trustees are accountable in law to the Charity Commission to make the best use of its assets for that purpose.  The trustees already derive an annual income from rent paid by Pine Ridge which they use for local charitable purposes and consider that the sale of this strip of land will provide investment income to enable them to expand this charitable work.

Contrary to common understanding, the Fuel Allotments are not common land or public open space.  Though the trustees have no plans for further developments, they are duty bound to make best use of the land under their stewardship.  However, this proposal includes designating an area of the Allotments as a Sustainable Area of Natural Green Space which would rule out any alternative use and secure its availability to local people in perpetuity